Car Theft Speech

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Car theft is one of the ugly experience that any car owner will never want to have in his life time.In United Sate according to FBI ,for every 40 seconds a car is reported stolen.This can happen probably to people anywhere at any time (during the day or night) ,it could be when people go for shopping at a shopping mall, a meeting outside the city or enter a restaurant to have nice lunch probably during break time at work just to relax and take a lunch at the nearby restaurant. For instance , assuming after taken your lunch and you are set to go and you came out from the restaurant and you walk majestically to the car park ,on getting their you find out that your car is missing.How will you feel?please I will like my readers to communicate how they will feel and your expression at that moment at the comment section below.…show more content…
3) STOP LEAVING YOUR VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS INSIDE CAR In case your car got stolen ,you may be fortunate that the thief is pulled over by the police, if the auto registration is found by the thief and presented to the police,he may get away with your car and you may not have the opportunity to see you car again.If the car is being driven by many people, you can hide the auto registration in a place in the car only known by the drivers. 4) DON 'T PARK IN THE DARK Evil things are perpetrated in the car ,no matter how open the place may be,since the environment is dark,thief can easily steal your car in such places, hence park your car in a well lit places, it 's for the security of your car. 5) LOCK YOUR CAR
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