Persuasive Speech About Cheerleading

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''Go, Fight, Win'' you might here that during cheerleading. Do you think cheerleading is a sport? Cheerleaders are actually very important and we do a lot more then you think. I am a cheerleader and I do believe it is a sport. When we are just standing on the sidelines and yelling you might not consider that a sport, but when we are tumbling or stunting it definitly is. Cheerleaders put a lot of hardwork and dedicaton into it. I think if all the boys quit football to cheer they would call it a sport then. I do think that it's true because they are always praising over boys. We do alot of tumbling as you know, the oympics decarled it a sport, it shows life values, and it might possibly be in the games in a few years.

What if your little girl wanted to be a cheerleader and you didn't think it was a sport how are you going to tell her that? Im not saying you have to believe that it is a sport, but just let us do what we want to do. Competiive cheerleading is a sport that cheerleaders love to do. Cheerleading can teach you life lessons and values. They teach you teamwork, dedication, and responsibilites. Until you do the sport you really can't have have a say in it. People tell me all the time that it isn't, but it's okay because I know it is. The New York Times
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They said that it is one of the most competitive place to cheer at. They are a twenty time NCA National Champions. I know a girl that cheers at the University of North Carolina. Her name is Gabbi and I would like to be like her one day. She has one more year of college and she is a flyer I know her because her fiance was once my babysitter and he went to GW and then went on to play football for UNC my family still keeps in touch with Ryan and thats how I know her. I see her post on instagram all the time. Don't just think cheer is clapping and yelling because I know in college it is a lot
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