Persuasive Speech About Dental Hygiene

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Dental Hygiene Program Essay

When you are young, you are asked: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Most children would reply by saying a superhero, a professional basketball player, a model, etc. My response was always, someone who can make a difference in an individual's life. Finding out how I was going to do that exactly was challenging until I reached my junior year in high school. I remember going to the Dental Office to get my regular cleaning and after watching my Dental Hygienist at the time, conduct her regular duties such as cleaning my teeth and educating me on good oral health I was intrigued. At that very moment, I knew that I wanted to help others by becoming a Dental Hygienist. I think that promoting and educating others on good oral health is very important because it
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Although these are some of the reasons to why I want to become a Dental Hygienist, there are also some reasons for why I want to enter into Fortis College Dental Hygiene Program as well as reasons to why I think that I will be successful in the program.
Why do you want to enter
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The first reason is that it will grant me the opportunity to provide for not only myself but also the family that I wish to have in the future. Another reason that I should be admitted into the Fortis College Dental Hygiene program is the fact that it will provide me with the opportunity to help others. One of my goals in life has always been to be able to help at least one person a day. By granting me admission into the Dental Hygiene program, I will be able to accomplish this goal in more ways than one. Lastly, another reason that I should be accepted into the Dental Hygiene program is that I am a fast learner, I am goal-oriented, punctual, positive, and ambitious. Overall, I think that I will make a great addition to the Dental Hygiene
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