Persuasive Speech About Discrimination

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Green blades of grass by the thousands, children all about scattered across the field, thuds of balls in the distance bouncing against lucid tan walls, as to break up the deafening chatters of young school children running about, geared up to learn anything new headed there way. There I stood in the middle of it all. Palms sweaty, heart racing, and just waiting for them to notice me. Waiting to be tortured by the pintsized terrorist soldiers ready for war. Every now and again I wondered if they knew how I felt. I wondered, if in the hustle and bustle of so many children racing around like ants trying to get back to a giant ant hill, if they even were concerned, then it hits me like a brick wall. There they are. Yet again, who am I fooling they are here every day. You can’t dodge them and you can’t escape from…show more content…
So, think about when you go out into this cruel and ruthless world that you need to treat others with dignity and respect for you may never know the battle within that is being fought every day when they get out of bed. My mother is my biggest encouragement. She has taught me to stand up for myself and others who may need a friend. Her message has been very clear-cut since the day she got polio: keep pushing forward. She presses on at times when I feel I would have given up. She goes above and beyond to show people that she is no different than any of the rest of us. That she is fully abled to do anything she sets her mind to. She is not disabled she has told me throughout the years. That she can do anything she wants to do and so can I. All those days those kids tormented me and the words that will always continue to torment me I will never forget. Words wound others choose them wisely! Those words about my mother will continue to sting a little bit each time they echo throughout my life till my
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