Scary Persuasive Speech

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There is a thunderstorm about to break outside, and you're home alone. The house is quiet except for the wind blowing through the windows you have open, due to the heat wave Korea has been experiencing. While watching your favorite scary movie on TV in your living room, the temperature drops due to the incoming storm. You see and hear it at the same time: The door to your bedroom is slammed shut against the door frame. Suddenly you stop breathing and your heart beats faster as beads of sweat go down your forehead. Then it dawns on you, it’s the wind and not some stranger hiding in your house. This emotion, fear, is fairly common for most people, which is good because it has kept us humans thriving to this point in history. Those of us who were…show more content…
All of which are valid concerns, but when we start to let our fear of failure or of earning love take over our thinking, they will control us. As Yoda states fear is path that leads to many of these things, but we get choose how far we go down it. It is a path in which we can always turn around. Whenever we are at a point in our life where we enter the unknown it is scary. Think of when you first came to SAWL, what did you feel like? I am guessing most of you were anxious not knowing what to expect from your fellow students or teachers. Now when you look back you might realize it was funny you were so nervous for that first practice test or sleeping in the dormitory without your family. Yet, even if you failed the first test or had a smelly roommate it did not define you, thus you overcame it due to the reason you would not let fear determine who you…show more content…
These are beacons we have to look back to in our lives to encourage us to keep going to remind us that things will not be as bad as we imagine. I have read that the thing that most terminally ill people tend to regret is not living a life true to oneself, but the life others expected of them. How sad will it be if you miss out on a life changing experience due to your fear of how other perceive you control you? You may inquire, how can we break the control fear has over us? Hey don’t ask me I am just a Star Wars nerd, however since I like most of you I will share a quote from Matthew Kelly. “Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired ability to move beyond fear.” I will paraphrase what he goes on to say about the subject. You learn to play the guitar by playing. You learn to write by writing. You learn to bake by making David teacher cookies (ok, that was just my own personal idea, but I thought I would try). You get courage by practicing courage and the more you practice it the stronger it will get like any other skill. So if you don’t want to be fearful join a club you are not good at, talk to someone you are scared of, or do something you are bad at. What we need to conquer our fears are: 1. Courage – practice just like any other skill. Start small and work your way
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