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Regardless of how many miles you sign up, you need to save space in your schedule in order to build strength. It can make you faster, safer and better what you love. Here is how!

While walking is the sport you love, it can be easy to slip into a mindset where you have no time for anything but miles. Do you have an hour? They run. Tomorrow, probably more of the same. If you have a huge mile count at the end of your week or race preparation, this is a sign that you've done it right.

Unfortunately, this band's first mentality is also what prompts many runners to be hurt - and just as important to stumble through their days that are overstrained and terrible rather than capable and athletic.

No matter how much you love running - or rather, especially
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You Will Be More Damaged

When all you do is running, some muscles will end up as hip flexors and calves, while others remain weak - especially the core and glowed. This combination is a recipe for pain and injury.

But if you work strategically in the gym, you can counteract these weaknesses and stay supple, healthy and pain-free. This means that more quality runs and less time sitting on the couch with bags of frozen corn on the knees.

Classic elevators such as squats and crossbows are ideal for building strong buttocks. And no, you do not have to do it with a dumbbell to be effective. Goblet Squats and Dumbbells Uprising crossheads are both great options for runners.

More isolated glute work such as double-leg and one leg glute bridges are also powerful; Not only do they work the buttocks, but they also activate the core and give your hip flexors a much-needed route.

3. You Will Improve Your Posture

Always notice how some distance running people always look as if they had perched and waiting for the starting pistol, even if they were waiting in the shop? And that is not to say anything about how they look at the finish
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You become a More Informed, Trained Athlete

Part of the running beauty is that you can only race and go. Sure, competitive runners can usually benefit from improving their shape, but you do not need to know what muscles, bones, and connective tissue are involved in reaching the goal line.

But when you start to lift - and especially when you start to lift, you get a whole new perspective on your body and how it works. You begin to recognize how your muscles force movement, as the parts of your body work as a team and how can you empower that team to work better.

This is not just book learning either. Eventually, you will hammer a muscle group in the gym, like, say your obliques, then go for a run the next day when you are sore. Suddenly this uninhibited muscle group will tell you where it is and what makes it loud and clear with every step.

The more you understand how everything fits together, the better you get to give your body the training and the rest it needs. Also, you can impress people at parties with words like Semimembranosus and Infraspinatus.

5. You will get More from Your

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