Never True Freedom Analysis

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We appreciate how we were able to stay here and share the freedom but we are now show there is never true freedom. The people of the state have been nothing but good to us but you choose to put it to the side. Treating us like animals and not caring about our families . the only people you choose to care about is the average white man. Even though we has now been the savage animals we used to be. He have learned the white man's ways. Then again he have not learned one thing and that is how to be indecente and are scared of the different thing so they just get rid of it. The seem to have problems with others. at least we are not getting shot like back in the dark tavel days they shot us for helping. Spreading disease and eating and selling…show more content…
You will for centuries till someone ruins you life and you learn you needed us. No human is as strong as we are. We grew up with hard time and with just watched the animals as tens feed of things you took. You are not the people I knew before you have not learned that you need us. But soon you will see that's what you needed. Something to have you see what we see. Freedom will always have a fight. Some time it will win but dodgy it didn't and we will remember that you didn't help us fight you knew that you did wrong you just do what the people say you puppet. You will not even last without us you will try to get rid of us but ten people will want us some day but not dodgy. Just because we are leaving doesn't mean we will not succeed you will see our fight. Noon will be the time were the people will is us the most. Wars. How will you hey your resources without us growing them polished rifle. But no one to build them. Now you see that you will need us you fool, puppet, idiot. You will see you were wrong us remember you still have us you will be watch in spirit. I forgive are a great man and will do great things but today you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. We will find new land and new people, they will know our
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