Persuasive Speech About Guns

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The year of 2018 has commenced not to long ago. Everyone made promises, vows, vowed to new beginning, new starts leaving everything negative behind. Forgetting everything from 2017. What has been forgotten ? Problems, enmities, including human beings who have been murdered and till this day have received no justice. Have been assassinated in cold blood with weapons that are not logical for anyone; a regular citizen to own. For instance an AR-15, the style of the gun which was used to open fire on students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting in Parkland, Florida. In result left seventeen dead without justice and fourteen injured. Just seven weeks into 2018, there have been eight mass shootings at U.S school that have ended in tragedy…show more content…
Marjorie Sanfilippo, professor of psychology at Eckerd College who has researched children’s behavior around guns started,” We put gates around swimming pools to keep children from drowning. We put safety caps on medications to keep children from poisoning themselves….because children are naturally curious and impulsive, and because we have shown time and again that we cannot ‘gun-proof’ them with education, we have a responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of children”. So what would be the point of taking all these precautions if we have a gun at home, much worse a loaded gun. It defeats the purpose of our intentions to take care of our children. Why go through so much trouble to take care of the lives of loved ones; our children with avoiding any dangerous situations, with giving them the best, even being overprotective at times when we own a gun and have it in out home. In just a matter of seconds, a moment, in the blink of an eye those loved ones won’t be with us anymore because of that dangerous firearm we are in possession of. Our children will be safer if stricter regulations for these weapons are

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