Personal Narrative: Why I Do My Hair

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A regular concern I’ve heard and actually experienced is “I have no idea the way to style my natural hair personally.” After many years of getting other people do our hair, whether it is our mothers, another member of the family or perhaps a stylist, the idea of DOING Our Personal HAIR can sound really complicated. There is certainly not “wrong” with getting another person to do your hair, but with time it can turn into a little frustrating, time intensive ,and pricey. So, why don 't you figure out how to do your hair and then say “Why thanks, I did it myself”? You can be able to as gentle as you have to be and may take as little or long time as required. Plus, it provides you with a feeling of pride as well as being really liberating having…show more content…
5)We have all been the receiver of a bad haircut which had us getting for our trusty baseball caps, but have you noticed how it is like to be the one who caused that bad hairstyle? What should you do to fix the situation? Well, after numerous reassurances that the client looks wonderful (even though they don 't) and an apology or two later, the hair stylist won 't cost the client. So you 'll lose money and maybe even the client, who might have to go searching for a new hairstylist. 6)How much a hairdresser can make is determined by which salon they have, the number of regular clients they are able to rack up, and what are the client wants done to their hair. The greatest clients are generally women because they are all about cuts, styles, blow-drys and color. Possibly a hair stylist can make around 100 dollar per client - and that is not even for the finest…show more content…
Always be of service. There has to be a reason in what you’re doing beyond just you. Discover it. It might be a school you worry about, a religious path, animals - anything you love deeply, see that purpose and live for and from that. Respect money. Don’t make making a lot of cash a negative thing. In other culturesthat I follow, cash is valued and honored. They think, as I do, if you find a cent on the floor you pick it up. Know your self-worth. I know very well what I offer and deliver while i do hair - it’s unique. And I am aware of what I do helps clients and stands out. I know I am very popular and I feel worthy of that. Know very well what you’re great at and trust it. Don’t listen to anybody say “you can’t.”When I wanted to go work for probably the most famous hair salon, people told me, “Oh you can’t do this - you’re too young and unskilled.” There were eight hair stylists there and all were very popular. But I just walked inside in the morning, prepared, just a punk kid. The trainers told me “Do a haircut.” Used to do, and was hired. Then I “out-popular” them. I really don’t pay attention to what people said I can’t do. I hear my inner

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