Persuasive Speech About Homophobia

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Dude, I love you, but no homo though. Ew Your gay, it’s just a phase, you’re confused. Good day Mr. Gutierrez,and fellow classmates. I’m Charlize and today I’m going to be talking about homophobia and why you shouldn’t be homophobic.

Homophobia the discrimination against homosexuals or those parts of the LGBT+ community. It has been around for many years now whether being in governments, on the streets, schools, church or online. With the question “Are you gay?” being thrown around. My answer is yes, because gay also means happy. I am happy that I would be able to love anyone without being afraid, be able to marry and have kids in the country I live in but, not all countries are the same and it was never like this. Before being gay was illegal in every country until the Netherlands and
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Now in 2018, 121 countries decriminalize same sex activity and 24 countries legalize same sex marriage, but sadly, there are still 74 countries that decriminalize it and 9 have the death penalty punishment for same sex activity. With fighting to gain their rights the LGBT have been through the battles, riots, marches, many were arrested, injured and even killed. However the effort, passion and dedication paid off, allowing many to have the rights they should have had in the beginning.

With homophobia comes homophobic slurs and phrases. These slurs have been around for years and only a few years ago society classified these words as offensive leading to many stop using them. However homophobic people still use them, go figure. Some of these slurs are queer, dyke, twink. While these words have been reclaimed by the community there are

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