Persuasive Speech About Hunger

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Very often you have the impression that you'll die of hunger. But that feeling does not have to reflect the actual need for food, but only a desire to correct the mood.
If you do not have physical signs of hunger, it means that you are not really hungry, but only you have an irresistible desire to eat something.
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Why do you eat when you're not hungry?

-Boring you.
-Dissatisfied with what you're doing (at home or at work), and use every opportunity to bite something to himself afforded a moment of enjoyment.
-You sad or are stressed.
-Think only on food. Consuming foods you love leads to increased secretion of endorphins, the hormone of good mood.
-If the food is sweet (chocolate, cake,etc), in the blood increases
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You can solve that if you try next:
1. Stop the circle
So much you eat chocolate pretzels you eat in one breath the whole package. Then you feel guilty, punish ourselves by renouncing the lunch, you experience bad, but in the end again overeat.
When you eat the nerves most important thing is to stop the habit. Keep a food diary, and with it dopisujte and their feelings. You know when you eat because you're bored, because when you're really hungry.

2. Get more sleep
A few more hours of sleep is very important to begin to eat healthier. According to a study of 2011 people who slept 4 hours bring 300 more calories than those who sleep 9 hours. Lack of sleep leads to frustration.

3. Keep down the desire for unnecessary
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Replace the food plan
Emotional eating is really a way to change my feelings at the moment, so find an alternative way to deal with them. Plan at least 5 varieties to cope with emotions. For example, if you're bored, take to the park with your baby, meet with a friend for coffee or join the online discussion with moms who have similar problems.

Also you can try this:
Remember when you last ate and refrain. Remove from office all he can to tempt you (biscuits, chocolate, snacks...).
Before you go to purchase, make a list of things to buy and do not put the cart foods that you can not resist.
Also would not be bad if you always have with you almonds which you can mislead hunger.
Certainly should not be exaggerated with nuts. If you feel an attack of hunger, eat some almonds and drink a glass of lukewarm water and lemon.
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But what we can do if we are always hungry even when we are not under the stress?
Possible reasons for this situation are:

- The last time you ate before at least four hours, as much as the stomach on average needed to digest food.
- Lack of eating, that is not getting enough
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