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Have you been fishing only when summer sets in until you no longer find it thrilling? During the next winter, break the boring monotony and try ice fishing. It involves baiting out and spearing fish from holes in frozen water bodies. I am just about to let you aware of the best places in America where you can enjoy yourself of catching fish right from beneath the ice.
Lake Champlain, Vermont
This is by no doubt a great destination as it offers miles and miles of fishing grounds along the shoreline and has variety of species as well. It offers diverse fishing locations which will give you different experiences. Make sure it is in your to-visit bucket list.
This is arguably the best ice fishing state that you will ever hear of. It …show more content…

I know your answer. This lake spans over 51,000 acres and has more fish than any other lake in the state. The best thing about it is that its ice is always thick enough to hold ice mobiles as recommended. You should definitely set up a shelter in Willard isle and Cleveland bar as you seek to catch these two predominant species.
North Dakota-Devils Lake
I have no idea why it goes by that name-it’s a bit creepy. However, it is by far one of the best destinations that you should try out. Actually, a long time ago, you barely could reel out a 2-pound trout but over the years, it has evolved to become one of the most sort-after destinations with predominantly huge trout.
Upper Mississippi river
If you are tired of lakes and want an out of the norm superb experience, look no further. For miles, the river offers frozen water with quite a handful of species underneath. These angels include: jumbo perch, huge crappies and bluegills with bonuses of …show more content…

It has many lakes with countless different species and is sure to satisfy your quest. Some of these giants include Lake Gogebic and Lake Boa. Lake Michigan is however the most widely sort after lakes for ice fishing not only in Michigan but all of America. It borders Michigan, Illinois and parts of Indiana and Wisconsin
One would describe it as a giant in the industry as it has very huge and productive lakes such as Puckawa, Delavan, Thunder & Pioneer, Miller Dam Flowage, Nelson, Winnebago and Chequamegon. Ice safety here, over the years, has been greatly enhanced and you are sure to find a wide variety of species underneath just waiting to pounce on your bait.
Alaska is known for its great lakes and rivers. The main advantage about Alaska is that majority of the fishing grounds are in the proximity of urban areas such as Kenai Peninsula and Fairmont. Some of the fish you could catch here include; trout, landlocked salmon, pike, burbot, grayling and the rare sheefish which is found towards the state’s interior
The most notable place that everybody wants to visit in Utah is the strawberry reservoir. Anglers here enjoy the predominant species known as rainbow trout.

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