Persuasive Speech About Love

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“Always remember that love never judges, it doesn’t ask and it doesn’t make claims. Who do you love this time of your life, but you still judge? Remember that judging closes the heart and blocks your love channel. The love that is capable of judgment is a love of the mind; it’s not true love, real love, from inside your heart. Rather than judging, isn’t it better to open your heart and accept the one next to you exactly as it is? Instead of focusing on the things that separate you, shouldn’t you better focus on things that unite you and keep you together? Today look at the people around you and bless them with all the love you are able of giving. See in them the things that inspire you, you enjoy, and that bring you close to each other. Always remember that whatever you focus on will prosper. What will you choose today to see in the people around you? “

To love is the very law of life. It is the most sublime action that a human being can do. Love can accompany all other fundamental actions. If you learn with passion, with love, you will memorize easier and you will understand more easily. If you listen with love, you will hear more and much better. If you speak with love, your words will be given an unimaginable force. If you go to sleep with love in your soul, your sleep will be as restful and deep as a child’s. If you think when you are filled with love, your thoughts will gain depth and brilliance. Thoughts that are built with love will be brighter than the sun. All

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