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Being a makeup artist is a great skill to know. It isn’t just one skill, one could be a makeup artist for different ideas. Such as makeup and whole body makeup for horror movies, it could be an action movie, one could just be in charge of making the actors look ‘natural’ or one could simply be a makeup artist for big cosmetic brands such as MAC or Maybelline. It involves the knowledge of the history, the applications, usages, and ideas. A good way to start training to be a makeup artist is to practice on our self. Once we have mastered that way, we can start putting makeup on others. We could start with just eye shadows, then adding eyeliner, then making it look natural to others eyes. We could practice different ways, a natural
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As well as having perks, just like everything, it also has its very own cons; just like having to work late nights or having to start work early in the mornings. It can be a stressful job, just like it is hard work. I have learned a lot of information about what it is like to be a makeup artist and how to become one. I have learned facts about how to become a makeup artist such as, practicing and that you can never stop practicing; try new styles or ideas, when you think of a new idea just try, you might just create a new fashionable makeup look; always ask questions, ask teachers or friends or colleagues, its always great to know someone else’s opinion. One little bit of information is always important when working as a makeup artist, always be professional. If you’re working backstage at a fashion show and you admire the designer a lot, you must still keep it professional; same if you get to work with a celebrity. I do believe that this is the job I would like to do when I’m older. For that I will keep working on my art skills, practice applying makeup to myself and others, read up on facts and new information which I can learn from, ask friends and other makeup artists their inputs and just keep trying. After everything, all these popular looks weren’t just made in a second, it took months, years even, of trying and creating and practicing, on different people with different skin tones, colours, skin type, hair colour and eye colour. Of course that learning about how to become a makeup artist involves learning about other subject such as beauty therapy, hairdressing, all the common health related topics. For me, the best part about being a makeup artist is the fact that anything could happen, perhaps I could end up creating a new look that will be very popular in the future, or my friends will. I could meet amazing people and have a great time in different

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