Research Paper On Cowards

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Only cowards do such a thing. Don’t do like Chris Brown does; he’s just a coward who likes to hit women and who also needs to be in an anger management program. A real and a smart man never hits a woman no matter what. I wonder how those cowards would feel and react if they saw a man hitting on their sisters and mothers?
And for you mothers who are victims of domestic violence from those cowards, here is a phone number that you can call: (1800) 799-SAFE or (1800) 799-7233. They are professionals that will tell you what to do that will benefit you and your kids. As an abused mother, don’t even think about killing your baby’s daddy for abusing you. If you do kill him, know that you also killed your children, because they will end up without
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It’s up to you to teach your children what is normal and what is not; what is right and what is wrong. Because society has got everything twisted. What has happened to “It takes a village to raise a child”? When it comes to raising children, the United States of America has a lot to learn. Please keep it old-school with your children for their well-being. You should be able to raise your children, not the other way around. Make it clear to them that you are in control as parents.
And finally, practice the moral values and principles that God put before us as parents to raise our children the right way and for us to live by. For you dads and moms who choose your women or men over your children, and who are pimping your children out for drugs, money, or whatever the case may be, be aware that’s a very poor judgment on your part. You will be held accountable for it, because God will curse you for doing so. If you see that nothing is working for you, everything that you touch turns against you, if you find yourself in a position where you have to say from time to time; oh God, why me? Know that you are cursed for turning your back on your kids. The only way things will work out for you is if you change your ways and take care of your kids. Children are not a curse, they are blessings. It all depends on how you’ve raised
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