How To Unhealthy Food Persuasive Essay

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I am writing to you today because I would like to address a problem that your student and their fellow peers have encountered. There is nothing to worry about, your child did not do anything wrong. I wanted to know what you think can solve the obesity epidemic problem that is happening all over the world. Many of the obesity epidemic population are mostly towards kids’ and teenagers’ unhealthy eating habits; the students also have access to unhealthy foods at school. The young people tend to eat, or drink, a lot of those unhealthy foods like hot cheetos, coke a cola, snicker bars, doughnuts, chocolate milkshakes and more. Those sugary beverages and junk foods are too delicious; the kids and teens can’t help but consume more of it. All of these unhealthy foods are what’s inside every student’s eating lifestyle. I want to bring to your attention with this letter making a proposal to encourage McNair students to eat healthier inside and outside of school. I believe that we should teach our students to eat healthier and learn how eating too much calories can do to their health.…show more content…
Some schools don’t have kitchens so they have to serve the students meals that are either thawed, heated up, or even wrapped. There are schools where they allow their students to bring fast-food meals into the cafeterias if they don’t want to eat the school’s lunch, which can be a bad idea since they’re not eating healthy. Schools in Berkeley, for example, continue to use U.S.D.A. commodities, but cook food from scratch and have organic fruits and vegetables from area farms; this is a good example of how all school lunches should be. Eating food that are made from scratch is more healthy then eating food that was already
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