Persuasive Speech About Obstacles In Life

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Throughout life one experiences many obstacles, and even though at the time one will feel beat down, in the end everything will work out. If a person has a serious medical condition that they are recovering from, they must push through the problem so they are able to continue with their life. Obstacles that one may encounter will shape their personality and who they will be in the future. It is understandable that a person may be discouraged after they did not make a team that they wanted to make for their entire life. Although they might be down it is crucial for them to pick themselves up and move on, because that is just one part of their lives, and who knows in the time to come there may be even bigger and better possibilities for one…show more content…
Being determined takes hard work and perseverance, and those are valuable traits to have in situations. If one has determination in situations, then no matter what obstacles are thrown at them they will be able to push through and reach their final goal and be successful in life. Bethany Hamilton was thirteen years old when she got attacked by a tiger shark and had her entire left arm bitten off. Although she was missing her left arm, she was determined to pick herself up again and learn how to surf with just one arm. In fact, two years after the attack, Bethany won first place in a National surfing competition. Later on she had a movie called, ‘Soul Surfer’ made about her experience. Throughout her life she has appeared in many other shows and television shows called ‘Dolphin Tale 2,’ ‘The Amazing Race’, and ‘Good Morning America.’ She is now twenty seven years old and married. If Bethany had not overcome the obstacles in her life and been determined to start surfing again, one can imagine that she would not have had the fame and success that she is currently experiencing. She has inspired many people to fight through problems in their life, and Bethany is living proof that if people never give up and are determined to reach their goals, then they will reach them and have major success in the future. Therefore, it is crucial for people to be determined in life, especially cause overcoming obstacles will open up more
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