Persuasive Essay About Off Campus Lunch

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Are you a fan of delicious food? Yes? Well so are High School students. Most people have a favorite restaurant or fast food chain, and I bet a lot of those people go there for lunch. So why can’t the teens go out for lunch too? Well often times teenagers are seen as irresponsible, but this is not always the case. There are tons of responsible teens out there that could handle leaving school for lunch. Sometime the teens don’t even want to go out to eat, sometimes they just need a break to recharge. Off-campus lunch provides money for our community, the students mature and learn to become responsible adults, not to mention they get a nice break from their learning environment. According to the Berkshire Eagle “Open-campus lunch leads to students putting money back into the economy. Local establishments like Teddy’s restaurant would likely be out of business if not for the hundreds of students that pass through their doors every week at lunch.” When students eat at local establishments and fast food chains they are actually helping out their community. Students go out to eat all the time. When they bring their friends to an establishment they help their community grow. These new students will then bring more students in to try out these foods. Not only does it benefit the community but it benefits the…show more content…
Trust can do a lot for you in life, both positively and negatively. It’s not an easy thing to earn and with off-campus lunch this gives the students a chance to earn the trust of their parents and superiors. Knowing that they need to behave themselves; students would avoid getting into trouble. Although this is not always the case, some students leave campus and get into trouble without thinking about their future. Depending on the student's’ behavior, this could permanently damage their record or not be allowed to participate in certain school activities. Off-campus lunch could get some students into trouble, but some could get a sense of the real
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