Persuasive Speech About Parents

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Being a parent is a very worthwhile and pleasurable experience however it can also be very demanding and infuriating. It is just as hard as any other job. In fact it might just be harder. Most parents would agree with me. We all get so worked up due to their reluctance to eat. We tend to lose our cool composure and flip out at them despite wanting to resolve it without a screaming fiasco.
What can we do to prevent this? How to keep our cool when all we want to do is scream at them every time they say to us - JUST CHILL. My son and daughter both say that or rather they used to say that to me. The key is to not get angry. This doesn’t give them the power over you. Parents I have to tell you the ways in which I stay calm, because trust
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You must be wondering. Hold on to your horses. I will tell you everything.
The way you view your child’s behavior will influence the effect it has on you. Basically if you think that wasting a last few bites is not that big of a deal you will prevent a huge oncoming fight.

How do we change our views, you’re asking?
Understanding the development of a child can aid you to see your child’s behavior in a less negative light. This technically means that you must not think of it as only a bad habit of your child, but actually the way children behave in general. This way you wont be so harsh.

Parents frequently say, “she’s riling me up” or “she just knows how to push my buttons”. If you really think that your child is purposely trying to upset you then their behavior will obviously get you troubled.

In order to avoid this from happening try letting go of the idea that your infant or toddler is conspiring about how to drive you crazy. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a counselor and she told me a concept in developmental psychology called “theory of mind”. She explained to me how the this kind of manipulation is developmentally impossible as it requires a child to be able to understand that other people have beliefs and intentions different from their
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