Persuasive Speech About Pride

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Is there someone that you see on a regular basis that you just have to put up with? Maybe that person is always breaking the rules or causing trouble. Do you know that person who is always winning awards and doing great things? Maybe they appear to be showing off and getting people to look at how great they are. Perhaps when you see that person, you are tempted to think, at least I’m not like them. At least I’m not trying to get all that attention and be so prideful. Except, while thinking that way about a person, you are actually being prideful. You think you are better than they are. Consider for a moment who you think you’re better than. Pride is sneaky, isn’t it? Everyone struggles with pride at some point. Many aren’t even aware of it. Pride is an important issue, because it harms our relationships with others. I want to show you what exactly pride is, how it affects our relationships, and how to live a life where we can have healthy relationships.
Before we can discuss anything about pride, we need to understand what pride is. I believe that pride is any way you act to make people think about you. In one way or another we can all easily fall under this category. We all feel good when we do something kind or are successful, because we are certain that others will think higher of us and like us more. We exalt ourselves by finding the smallest thing to make a great deal out of. We think we are better than others. Some signs of pride according Nancy DeMoss, a Christian
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