Persuasive Speech About School Lunches

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The clock strikes at 12 pm , time to head to lunch. You're now in line getting served 4 small burnt chicken nuggets. Now you are stuck starving for the next four hours . Is that not just great … No ! Michelle Obama passed the healthy hunger free act, however we are served much less food that is unhealthy and unrecognizable and it also affects the fundraisers. In addition to this we are stuck in school eating while they are out biting in juicy burgers . so yes I am against this law.
Me and many more students around america believe that the school lunch is horrible . At first i was glad that changes were being made to the school lunch but then i saw the outcome . We got food that dogs wouldn't even eat . The food that is semi good is unhealthy and only a small portion is given.There was a survey taken in a high school with 1,300 students and only 22% said the food was actually healthy and out of that only 13% said
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How are you trying to preach but not practice it ? If you are truly trying to be a leader than you would set examples for the rest . Not try to sacrifice yourself and eat the all the snacks (sarcasm).
Some people , such as adults, may say that the lunch is fine . That in the book it states that they give us a much healthier food . But if they were there eating the lunch on a daily basis then they would realize the food they give us is unhealthy and cut into little portions. Plus they save money by not handing lunch money for their children. However, this law is paid off with the taxes , so i think its better for us to waste the taxes on a much better accomodation.
I believe that the law should be abolished and replaced with a new one. Students should have nutritious and filling lunches, fundraisers should continue and the hypocrite’s act of healthy hunger free lunch should be revised. The act is being enforced in school yet it is helping
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