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My life is over, my present, my future. I haven 't even turned 21 yet I have a sextape coming out, I couldn 't stop it 's release either. Yeah, I 'm 18 but also still in high school where my ex-boyfriend Nick Austin often bullies me, calling me such a slut for using him for fame. It 's really nerve-wrecking being frowned upon as if I am slut, even though I 'm not! We made the tape together, why doesn 't Nick gets a share of the blame, after all the tape was in his possession.

The students continued to bully, most of the teachers avoid eye-contact with me, mostly everyone did expect my best friend Ryan Ashford never turned his back on me. His black hair is everything everybody in school asked him how he got his hair like that. I dyed my hair blonde, so people wouldn 't remember me as the guy on the cover, sadly that didn 't work it only made matters worse. I just can 't bear another day, of going to school, might as well drop out and become a pornstar since people see me that way now.
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He was dressed as Santa Claus that day, for his little brother well he does love his little brother, I wonder does he still asks about me. Then there was a knock on my front door, I rushed to answered it and the person on the other side was my friend Ryan. He was playing with the red streak, then giving me a shocked expression.

"What the hell name, why are you in your PJ 's! School starts in like 10 minutes!" Ryan exclaimed. He barged in, without saying hello. Good manner by the way.

"I 'm not going to school, not today, not tomorrow, not ever" I
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