Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shaving Essay

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I have been scared of blades and razors all my life. It's only recently that I said bye-bye to my battery operated shaver and bought myself a razor to get rid of unwanted hair. I saw a lot of YouTubers giving thumbs up to Gillette's Venus Razor so I made mind to try it out. Girls (or people in general!) these days are switching to shaving for cost related reasons and feasibility.

Let's be honest, shaving is a lot better and affordable than the other hair removal methods out there because you don't need to spend a lot of money on razors and stuff. Yeah, epilators are great too, but the good ones are kind of expensive here in India! :( That's why, I have switched to shaving and I don't think I will ever go back to my old shaver-cum-epilator
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Aloe Vera Gel

Is there anything that Aloe Vera Gel CANNOT do? It is such a versatile product in every girl's vanity. You can use it while you're shaving to get a better shave. It also works wonders as an after-shave balm!

2. Hair Conditioner

(Good) Hair conditioners are pretty much expensive and probably not the most affordable alternative for shaving creams. But if you have one which you don't use anymore or one that doesn't suit your hair type then you can use it as shaving cream instead of tossing it in the trash.

3. Soaps and Body Wash

While you're in the shower, you can use your favorite soap or body wash and when it's time to rinse off the lather, you can just grab your razor to shave. Boom, That's like killing two birds with one stone! (Bird poaching is illegal in India, just to let you know! #unrelatedfact) Basically, anything that lathers can be used in place of shaving cream - Except detergent, OK?

4. Body Lotions

Body lotions are again, not an affordable alternative for shaving creams. But sometime it happens that you end up disliking a certain body lotion's fragrance or consistency after buying it. At least you can use it for shaving instead of just letting it sit in a corner of your
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Never shave when you have dry / flaky skin. It will make everything worse, even if you are using some kind of barrier like aloe vera gel. Keep moisturizing your skin prior to your shaving appointment in the shower. 

Shave in straight lines. If you move your razor in zig zac motion, there's a high chance that you will get a cut from the blades. That's how I got my first cut while shaving, my hand slipped and I accidentally shaved my leg diagonally.  Also, shaving after a warm shower helps a lot!

Exfoliate your skin before shaving! Exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin and open up the hair roots. That will help you to get the closest shave possible.

Don't shave too often. It will irritate your skin and cause razor burns. The best time to shave is when the length of the hair is about 1/4 of an if inch. Same rule goes for waxing!

Don't hesitate to use men's shaving products. Yes, brands do make individual shaving products for men and women. Still, it doesn't mean that women can't use men's products and vice versa. The ones for women are just little more comfortable to use!

Keep your razor clean. Use a toothbrush to clean the
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