Persuasive Speech About Smoking

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Today, I’m talking about smoking and the health risks that come with it. Tobacco smoke causes many illnesses and is very deadly; The World Health Organization estimates that each year tobacco causes roughly six million deaths. And six hundred thousand of those deaths occur in people who don’t even smoke, because of secondhand smoke. It 's also the cause of one in five deaths in the United States every year. There are two hundred and fifty known harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, and sixty-nine can cause cancer. Smoking causes acute myeloid leukemia and cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver, kidney, bladder, pancreas, cervix, lung, rectum, colon, and cancers of the larynx. But there are many other problems that smoking can cause; it can increases your chance of getting heart disease, or having a stroke, and getting, other diseases. It even makes you more likely to catch influenza. Smoking can create cognitive dysfunction which can cause problems with attention, evaluation, judgment, knowledge, memory, reasoning, and even working memory. Smoking can also put you at risk for Alzheimer 's disease, that is if you live long enough, Most smokers die before they 're at the age where they can get the disease. All the health risks of smoking also affect people around smoking, including young children, family, friends, pets, strangers, basically any living thing around a smoker, even houseplants are affected! Secondhand smoke puts everybody who inhales it at risk
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