Persuasive Speech About Soldiers

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Today, we have gathered here to protect our country, and our loved ones. You have come here for your own respect, because there is nowhere else you would rather be. During this time of unrest and unease, we must all be one. You must not be selfish, but think of the neighborhood blokes now in the battlefields, who are sacrificing their lives for their country and family. Think of the amount of sufferings the Germans have caused to our people. We are a nation of brave men! We must put our differences aside and come together as one, all fighting for the same cause. To destroy these Germans! We can do this; we will do this! Americans are all winners! It’s the American dream to be the best at everything you do. America has the best men, we have exceptional weaponry, and the greatest spirit known to man. We cannot lose, we won’t lose! In fact, I feel sorry for those poor Germans! They don’t know who they’re gonna face! No one can defeat the Americans! We’re invincible! It’s in our American blood to fight, we love a combat. We are born to fight. And we will never surrender, we will always continue fight till we win. And you won’t die. The chances of a soldier dying during action is less than one percent. Death anyways occurs to every one of us. We are all scared of death, it’s a fact. There is no one in this room who can say that they’re not scared of death. But death is not something that we should be terrified of. We will all die one day. Most men will run away in their fright
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