Persuasive Speech About Suicide

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There are 175 countries in the world right now (Countries). The United States is ranked 48th in suicides. An alarming total of 44,193 people commits suicide here, each year (List). It’s daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, friends, and coworkers taking their life. It’s everyday people taking their life. This needs to change. If we open our hearts and comprehend our thoughts, we can help lower the number of lives that suicide takes. No matter what the reason, people are taking it into their own hands to choose when their life should end. We have to take the actions stop it. The actions may be small, but starting to recognize the severity of suicide is a start. Suicide has continued to rise as one of the leading causes of death worldwide (Suicide). Each year, no matter what the cause is, 44,193 people in the U.S. are taking their own life. As the number of suicide attempts is continuing to skyrocket, suicide has verified itself as an important health problem (Suicide). Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, 7% of high school students are attempting it (State). I, myself have become a percent. I was one of that 7 %, but I was lucky to survive, while others aren’t lucky. Therefore, why are we still trying to figure out how to approach suicidal issues? Maybe we are afraid of the results, but people are dying because we are fearful to try. Not only are we fearful, but most people don 't know how to interact and comfort someone facing suicidal thoughts
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