Persuasive Speech About Surfing

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Sometimes the hardest thing for beginning surfers is the initial embarrassment of not being good at the sport. Keep in mind that all good surfers had to start on the bottom rung, just like you. I do not know a single soul who paddled into the water for the first time and did not feel defeated and just plain bad about his or her ability. There is a steep learning curve, and the first month can be painful both physically and mentally, but remind yourself that everyone goes through it. You can not get better unless you experience being bad.

So, it is not surprising that you will become very familiar with the virtue of humility. As you are out there in the lineup observing other people epic rides while you, in turn, paddle for a wave and falter, use that to your advantage. Consider your failures as something worth improving upon and try to understand what the good surfers are doing so that you can correct your technique. It is okay to feel completely uncoordinated as you lie there awkwardly, belly down, on the surfboard. It is better to be out there on the water than cooped up in your house or office wondering why you did not push yourself harder.

Tip #1: Once you go, keep at it for a month.

The best way to get through the difficult beginning stage of your surfing career is to make it as short as possible. Try to dedicate a whole month to your pursuit of surfing. Get in the water every day no matter what the conditions are. Rain or shine, just get out there, paddle around a

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