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If you have decided it is time to teach your child to swim, but he or she is so afraid of swimming pools and other bodies of water, it can be best to ease your child into embracing water before lessons begin. While swimming instructors can work one-on-one with your child to help ease fears, if your child is taking a group class, then it is best that he or she get past this fear and actually be ready to learn swimming techniques when class begins. You are also your child's most trusted adult, so your child may also conquer this fear more easily with you then with an unknown instructor. Follow these steps to help your child eliminate his or her water-fear, so they can be ready to learn floating and swimming techniques while having fun instead…show more content…
3. Inform Your Child's Swimming Instructor of His or Her Progress Overcoming Fear

Once your child begins embracing water play instead of dreading it, ask him or her if they think swimming lessons would help them have more fun with the other children they may see swimming while they are playing in the water. If they agree, then you know that you have made great progress in helping your child conquer their fear.

When you schedule swimming lessons for your child, make sure that all instructors are aware of your child's fear and progress, so they can be sure to give your child the personalized attention he or she needs.

If your child fears large bodies of water, then realize that this is a common fear that can be overcome. Don't be tempted to let your child grow up without learning to swim, as knowing how to swim could not only save their life one day if a natural disaster strikes, but it is great fun and exercise that they can enjoy the rest of their life. When your child is an adult, he or she will thank you for making sure they learned how to swim when they were
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