Persuasive Speech About Technology

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Could you imagine a world with Hyperloop transportation, drone delivery services, space tourism, personal flying machines and wireless power anywhere you go? That future isn’t as far away as we think, in fact they could all be around the world in the next 25 years. Of course, these are all predictions, some of them might happen or maybe none of them will. You might be astonished with what we might accomplish very soon and yes, it is all very nice and beautiful but there’s something that the authors of these predictions consistently leave out of their text. (blog, whatever) People generally are overconfident and misguided that technology will solve our problems. We have seen many inventions growing and becoming something we see on a daily basis like the car. Yet we didn’t predict the huge outbreak that it would create on global warming, and now something we see on a daily basis is risking the future of humanity. It just seems that the idea of abandoning a certain invention is so far-fetched. We do know that many people cannot afford the renewable sources of energy or electric cars because they are very expensive but the ones that can rarely take action and actually do it. It will take time for the world to actually move on to these sources of energy but many are afraid that it’ll be too late by the time we actually do. One thing is for sure, technology is getting smaller, smarter and cheaper and soon all of us will be able to afford it. We didn’t expect the world to have 7

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