Persuasive Speech Against Animal Abuse

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Persuasive Speech Essay

The ASPCA is well known for their heart wrenching commercials against animal abuse. People like them know that animals are not politically secured, and that the injustice they have must come to a stop. In order for this to happen, the laws must change, the consequences for animal cruelty should be raised, and people have to understand the result animal abuse has on humans as well. There are about one million animals that are a victim of cruelty. This should be considered a violent crime, which is when the victim of the crime is either threatened or harmed by violence. However, animal abuse isn’t something that’s normally taken seriously in the courthouses, since America’s laws actually state that animals are considered property, instead of living creatures. This means that any abuse towards them is considered an infraction or low-leveled misdemeanor, punishable only by a small probation and a fine. In fact, a woman who had starved her dog, put him in a trash bag, then left him to die in a garbage disposal, only had a fine of $2,000 and a 180 day trial period. This is an outrageously low repercussion, and it won’t stop people from harming animals.
There’s also a cavernous gap between child abuse and animal cruelty. A mother beat her child in the face with her belt, and then
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When a person abuses an animal, nothing in the law stops them from getting their animal back, or having another dog, cat, etc. Thus, animal cruelty is allowed to continue on. If the law would make it so that a person could never have another animal, or the same animal, until certain tests could be passed, then the continuation of animal abuse would decrease dramatically. If for some reason the tests didn’t work, the law could then state that a SPCA Humane officer, or a person in the same profession, could come and check on the animal periodically, similar to how they work with parents in a child abuse
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