Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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Introduction Life is based on love, care and hope, not necessarily between humans only. We should love and care about all living organisms, from bugs to animals in the wild. People nowadays hope for a healthier life for their families and themselves; in order to achieve such a goal they sacrifice the lives of many animals for the selfish purpose of leading a healthier life. They offer up animal lives for animal testing. However, I’m sure we all lost a beloved one to cancer at one point of our lives, and we wished that there were a way to help them. But do you really think animal testing is the solution? Is killing hundreds of animals for selfish reasons fair to nature? There is no doubt that I, too, want a healthy life to live, but there…show more content…
An animal, specially mouses and rabbits, are exposed to the test substance, either being forced to eat it, breathe it, have it rubbed on their skin, or have it injected. The test substance is often a household chemical, an industrial chemical, such as: pesticide, a food addictive, a cosmetic ingredient, or a pharmaceutical product. After that step is done, animals are observed for toxic reactions such as: vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, respiratory distress, appetite or weight loss, rashes and allergic reactions, skin and eye irritation, and many other harmful effects. After the scientists collect all the needed information the animal is then killed to end the experiment, worse still, their internal organs are often examined for harmful effects- depending on the type of tests, the experiment may last for a few hours or may last up to several days or even months. Frankly, animal testing is unethical on many levels. People would make a huge fuss if an animal was mistreated in the simplest way, but yet, when it comes to animal testing they protest and say it’s for the better good of the human life. I agree that striving to find new medicine to cure us is very important indeed; but why harm beautiful creatures, such as animals, to obtain uncertain cures for ourselves while there are loads of other ways to discover new
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