Persuasive Speech Against Dogfighting

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About a year ago, I was walking down Mmain Sstreet and saw some dogs fighting inside a dog pin. I got closer because Ii was curious to see what was really going on. I asked the people that were around what was going on. Some would tell me, and some would just say they did no't know, b. But really everyone knew. IBut it was basically a dog fight taking place. I stood at the fence and just watched. IAnd i noticed that they were trained to fight but also had certain rules. TAnd they were so protective around the area so authoritiesy would not take action in any part because dogfighting is illegal. AAnd although it i's illegal, Ii think that they should make it legal and be able to house dogfights with legal and certain rules.
I have always thought
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They should both be weighing about the same weight in order to participate in a brawl. No dog should outweigh the other dog by over ten10 pounds. They should have certain and specific weight classes thrown in. they should have professional scales to weigh the dog's once they are about to fight and to also make sure no one cheats.
Certain authoritiesy should be present when having dog fights. That official should be the one to enforce rules and. Make sure no one is causing straight abuse to dog's or even humans. He should also be the one responsible to record the weights of the dog's and make sure no dog is over the other dog's weight by ten10 pounds. TAnd the two most important rules should be that the official makes sure both dogs have all paddinged put on the body, and have a timer going while both dogs are having the scuffle. If an official is not present, then no fight should be allowed and legal action should take place and handle the situation. (Edward Navarro) One amazing fact is that they have really high purses over dog fights. According to CNN, it i's like one hundred thousand 100,000 dollars. A And about forty40 thousand people are into illegal dog fighting. Although this bloody sport is illegal, it is a very big
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