Persuasive Speech: Aimee Shaffer

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I. I would like to start my speech by telling all of you a story about a woman named Aimee Shaffer. 1. She works as a Public Service News Director for radio for years until one day she lost her job. 2. Unfortunately, she couldn’t work for other company because of her contract for a year. 3. Her income is unstable for the first time in her life and Aimee needs to cut back her spending. 4. She talked with a friend who worked at a car dealership and finally got a job. 5. Aimee took time to reflect on her life and decided to change. 6. She thought she don’t has enough money to save but Aimee by putting $25-$50 away with each pay check and now she has a nice little fund. II. I never believed that saving money is crucial until I came across this story. III. After doing extensive reading for this speech, it made me realizes that money saving do in fact gives benefits to people. IV. Today, I hope to persuade all of you to save money in a smart way. (Transition: Let’s look more on why we need to save money) Body I. Save for emergency fund. A. It is vital to have an emergency fund to cover for unexpected events. 1. You don’t know what will happen to you next days or weeks. 2. You could lose your job or have a medical emergency a. This is where emergency fund comes in handy and you can survive while looking for other new job or pay for the expensive medicines because you have your savings. b. Bankrate 's chief financial analyst Greg McBride recommends having at least six

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