Persuasive Speech: Animal Testing Around The World Today

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Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think has contributed to the survival of all of you in this room today? Here you are, all very healthy and strong, thanks to the development of medical technology. Then, how do you think all of the treatments you can access today without much difficulty to, were developed? The answer to this will be, which is what I’ll talk about today, animal testing. Animal testing - this issue is one of the most controversial issues discussed around the world today. Many argue that animal testing is inhumane, and that animals should no longer be used for the benefit of mankind. However, I can confidently argue that animal testing is, in fact, the best way to prove a product to be safe. In a survey done in the US, 99% of the active physicians thought that animal testing should be continued - for the present, it is clear that no alternative to animal testing is accurate enough to replace it. Without animal testing, we will become the subject of experiments. People should be aware that without any alternative in place, it would be the same as saying that human rights are less important than animal rights. Human beings desperately need animal testing for the development of cures as well as for the sake of civilisation. If it wasn’t for animal testing, human beings would not be alive today. Animal testing has played a significant role in developing numerous medications that are absolutely necessary for us to live such as antibiotics, penicillin, and
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