Survival In Du Marier's 'The Birds'

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Attention Getter: Have you ever read a story about animals attacking and eating humans? Transition statement: Well, That is what happens in this scary story… Background Information: It is the beginning of the winter and the birds are starting to act a little strange. They soon realize that tens of thousands of birds started to attack and eat people for no apparent reason. Whoever has the better survival skills will outsmart the birds and stay safe. Topic: In the story, the two family’s used very different survival skills to survive. The use of guns, boarding up the windows and doors, and blocking the chimney were all a part of their specific survival instincts to make their chance of living better. One family though, was better than the other. Thesis Statement: In "The Birds" by…show more content…
Lead In: He was lazy and just believed what people told him, and did not think twice about how it could be wrong. Quote: “They’re saying that the Russians have done it. The Russians have poisoned the birds.” (Du Marier 9). Analysis: This proves that the Triggs did not think about all of the birds and how the Russians could not have poisoned all of them at once. They greatly overestimated humans and underestimated the birds. Follow up: As for Nat, he knew that they birds were a bigger threat. Lead In: Nat, in just a few days, figured out how to outsmart to birds and survive. Quote: “There was some law the birds obeyed, and it had to do with the east wind and the tide.” (Du Marier 12). Analysis: Every time the birds are gone, he knows he can go outside and do some work for a few hours to make the house better at keeping the birds out. This is smart because he also knows when the birds are coming and when they are attacking the most. Follow Up: So, by the end of the story, this knowledge led him to survive longer than the

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