Persuasive Speech: Attention Getter For A Track And Field

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Credibility: So first off, my names hayley bemis but everyone calls me bemis, even all my teachers. Attention getter: In middle school, I would always run with the boys in track, which is weird because I never did well in middle school meets, but I was always as fast as the boys. When I got to high school I was so scared that I wasn’t going to be fast at all, but I was wrong because I was one of the fastest girls on the team and was on varsity all 4 years. Thesis & Preview: Those were probably some of the best years of my life. I want to share with you how track and other sports have impacted my life.


工. Track and field can be a rough sport for some people, they might even join just to get in shape with all the hard
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I was actually late to try out for my high school dance team, I had to try out by myself and to be honest I loved it because I am the shyest person you will ever meet if I don’t know you. I also had no idea what I was doing. A. I did make the team though, and during those 4 years me and my 2 best friends became the best seniors on the team. I didn’t just like dance because I was good at it either. There was so much bonding on that team, lots of fights too, which made you really get to know the girls honestly. I love my team to this day and if I wouldn’t have joined that team I would never be who I am today, that’s a fact. B. That team is the reason I made friends in high school and why I learned to be myself and step out of my comfort zone. It may have taken me 4 years but I did it. You guys may not know what facials are but in dance they are the fakest smiles you can have and you need to put them on for every routine and competition. I was so shy that I never did them and by senior year I would have the biggest smile ever and it wasn’t even fake I loved performing so much. Dance also was somewhere I could leave my stress behind and talk to my teammates about anything. Practice was fun for me even when we had to be there every day at 530 in the morning right before school. Yes, it sucked. It still made me happy though.


Restated Thesis: These are the reasons these two sports have changed my life and made me who I am today. Closing Statement: I have never been

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