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It used to be really easy – that is, buying a wheelchair. All you needed to do was drop by a store selling them and select one suited your budget. But today, though have changed quite a lot. The choice of motorized wheelchairs available is so vast today, it is sure to leave you confused, not knowing which will suit your needs and wallet. From regular wheelchairs of the non-powered kind to motorized wheelchair models that come with a host of sophisticated features. This is what makes it tough to choose the right motorized wheel chair for you. You will be spoiled for choice, if you are seeking just the right wheelchair today. You can simplify the shopping process if you consider a few facts and ask yourself a few questions. Once you take into consideration these fact and answered those questions, the choice is not so difficult…show more content…
There are, as said, so many choices available on the market today, it can get overwhelming. There are scores of manufacturers who offer sleek, highly functional models that aid in easy maneuverability and operation. With the choice being so extensive, sometimes choosing the right motorized wheelchair might seem a daunting task indeed. It need not be so, if you were to choose from the major brands. Take a look at these brands because they are well praised and reviewed. Once you have chosen a known tried and true brand name, you can be sure that you are buying both the name and the wheel chair that will be backed up with a guarantee and after sales service. The Major Motorized Wheelchair Brands Teftec Mobility is a leading brand that offers a range of motorized wheelchairs. These models come with many advanced features including adjustable seat height and a transmission steering system. Drive Medical is another major brand that offers a variety of motorized wheelchair models. These models are known for their ease of use and

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