Persuasive Speech: Do Video Games Helps You Learn?

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Speech Title Shigeru Miyamoto once said “The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.” Some people say that video games can hurt you and your future, but there are ways video games can help you learn more. But others feel Video games are good for you in many different ways such as education, social skills, and life skills. First of all video games can be very educational even though some people say that it hurts you brian more than it helps your brain. study shows that video gamers can learn more along with educational facts. In games on every type of device there at least a couple games that can help enhance learning skills. Even though you might not being playing most of the games you like to play they are still fun and can exercise your brain. Some games that are fun to play that are educational are portal 2, and minecraft.…show more content…
In those types of games gamers are able to ask a friend or someone that is around if they know what that specific word means and you will be able to have that word in your vocabulary. In games people feel that they are being challenged and enjoy the challenge and feel encouraged to keep playing for fun so it is not overall a chore. Secondly games can teach you social skills. Even though some people might disagree with this statement that their kid is always in there room playing their games there may be a reason why they 're in there playing their games. Some kids at school have friends that are gamers and share similarities with you and they plan that at that time you will go online and play with them that could improve your social skill having good conversations and cooperating in certain types of games. For xbox and other consoles they have headsets

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