Essay On Energizing Drinks

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Energizing drinks Why am I always tired? Well, what do you drink? The caffeine in coffee, black tea, and sodas, zap up the Vitamin B in your body. It increases your blood sugar levels and when the levels come down your energy come down with them too. Thyme tea: To help restore energy, Pour 1 teaspoon of dried thyme into 1 cup of hot water and let it soak for 5 minutes with the lid covered. Strain the content and add very little cayenne pepper to it. Add some lemon juice from ½ lemon and drink it in the morning or late afternoon to boost your energy. Electrolyte sports drinks: Sometimes fatigue is a sign of your body lacking electrolytes so get some sports drinks that have a lot of potassium and sodium for some relief. Gin-zing tea: This is an Asian tea that can boost your sagging energy up. 1 teaspoon of ground ginseng root 5…show more content…
Before then you can eat some cauliflower to provide you with pantothenic acid which keeps your adrenal glands in good position to weather stress and tiredness. Or, take an apple a day to provide you with malic acid which energizes your cells. Or eat a quick avocado salad which contains magnesium mineral that fights off tiredness and muscle pains. If you feel tired quite often try this temporary cure for fatigue. You may get some relief but you will need to use other remedies for stronger results. Add 4 drops of peppermint essential oil to a tablespoon of olive oil and use it to rub your feet for relief. Why am I always tired? If you worry too much you can be tired. You worry about financial issues, about losing your job, about your children, about not having enough, fear or failure, about negative things happening, etc. Find a solution to this. Talk to friends who are positive. Think positive, read books that promote positive thoughts, read other people’s testimonies of victory over worry, pray to God, attend scriptural seminars and meet positive minded
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