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How to choose an interesting persuasive speech topic? Introduction Have you ever heard of an interesting yet persuasive speech? Those speeches are normally comprised of a wonderful introduction, fruitful content, a powerful conclusion and, an interesting topic. According to University of Hawai 'i Maui Community College Speech Department (2002), a great speech begins with a good topic. Without a topic, it is very hard for the audience to grasp the messages and the ideas of the speaker. Therefore, choosing a good topic is extremely important because the topic acts as the essence of the whole speech. By listening to the topic itself, the audience can decide whether they want to attend the talk organized by a specific party. Through the topic as well, they can expect on the information that they will obtain from the speech and how interesting the talk will be. Hence, in order to keep the audience’s eyes and attention on the speaker, the speaker must be able to identify and know the criteria for choosing a great persuasive speech topic. Brainstorm your idea Brainstorming idea is one of the best ways to choose a persuasive speech topic (Rister, 2013). It is normally done in a very…show more content…
It is a “process of gathering certain kinds of information about the audience and using that information to understand the beliefs, values, needs, attitudes, and opinions that the audience hold” (Wrench, Goding, Johnson & Attias, 2012, p. 106). This can help the speaker to identify the interests of the audience easily. If the speaker can think of a topic with the audience in mind, the speaker might be able to find a topic that is interesting to both the speaker as well as the audience. According to Russell (2018), to make the most effective use of the speaker’s time in the spotlight, the speaker need to know very well about the audience before s/he choose a particular
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