Persuasive Speech For Animal Testing

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Imagine yourself living in a cage. Being kept just to be harmed with dangerous chemicals. in restraining s, not being able to wipe their eyes. Having your eyelids pulled apart, and substances dripped, sprayed or rubbed onto the eye. This is something most animals may go through for animal testing of cosmetics. These innocent animals have no voice to say stop.
B. Thesis: We need to work together to stop animal testing on cosmetics and personal products.
1. Credibility or Goodwill statement: I am sure everyone here loves animals. They are precious and loving creatures. Most of all have pets at home, and we would never think about hurting them. The thought of hurting them or seeing in pain is horrible.
C. Preview: To fully understand why animal testing on cosmetics is wrong, cruel, and unnecessary, today I will be talking to you all about the types of experiments done to the animals, how many animals are used, alternative methods and finally the ways you all can help reduce and stop the use of animals in cosmetics testing.
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Animal testing for cosmetics have cruel procedures. There are different types of ingredients in products that are tested on innocent animals.
A. One type of experiment is the Draize Eye test. This is used by pharmaceutical and chemical companies to test the acute toxicity of products in the eyes of animals, usually rabbits (Elsevier Health Sciences,

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