Education Persuasive Speech

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"Don 't you as a parent want your child to succeed don 't you want your child to be somebody don 't you want your child to be able to at least support themselves and not just be some bum begging for loose change at a street light". I hope that you take into consideration helping your child to receive great education not just good but great. Schooling will help your child grow as a person,meet various requirements for various jobs, and make a ton of money off of the occupation they choose after they have received their education.With the right schooling and the right requirements and opportunities seized by your child they could even help shape the world as we know it. hopefully for the greater good of the city,nation,or world . Education…show more content…
Would you not be proud of that or say that your child has really been playing his cards right and he ends up in the running for the president of the United States and ends some major conflicts that our countries is facing or could face. Your child could stop wars and poverty if they were determined to get an education and change the world for the better. Raise your child to take charge of their education and later they will take charge of their own life and the lives of other generations that could end up in making a very stable world to have leaders not create followers but other leaders. That child of yours is our future they could help shape it and take over after our generation is not able to their education depends on how well the world will do in the future. Now do you see why it is important for that child of your to receive a great education. They could have the best occupations that pay a very adequate amount of currency for your child to live and retire on top with bills to spend. Your child based on the skills they teach in school could be in the running to be a great leader of any types of things . So please for the love of your children focus on their education if you don 't you are basically saying that you do not care about your child 's well being. Help the world develop greatly in modern time this is why education is important in this day and

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