Narrative Essay On Prom Queen

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Katie went back to her body and you spent the night dancing away to the music. It 's now midnight and the announcement for prom queen about to begin.

Principal Jefferson open the envelope. "Ladies and gentlemen. For this year homecoming queen is...Sarah Jenkins, congratulations."

Katie jealously burn with rage. "What the fuck, again this year? How can that bitch be nominated queen every year?"

Melissa read Sarah 's mind and explain. "That because the slut has been cheating. She removed all the votes and replace the one in her favor." She whisper in Katie 's ears. "If it wasn 't for her tampering with the votes, the nomination would have been you, Katie."

Katie is upset for losing this year 's prom queen and decide to stalk Sarah. She
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"Damn, you 're prom queen again. It 's was easier then last year. That pregnant slut..ermm what 's her name again? Katie? Well, anyway, the bitch doesn 't deserve it."

Sarah amusingly chuckle. "I didn 't just take prom queen away from her but her modeling scholarship as well. All thanks to that bitch Laurie. It 's so easy using her her as a pawn, when I told her to make Katie have an accident to get her scholarship, but, damn. I didn 't know she 's actually going burn down the auditorium."

Beth laughed even louder and brut. "In the end, you blackmailed Laurie to withdraw and take the scholarship for yourself. Girl, you 're such an ingenious little bitch."

Katie is furious by the news and whisper to Melissa. "That fucking bitch. Sis, before I possess her and have bro knock her up. Can you...ummm do me a favor?"

Melissa read Katie 's mind and grin. "My goodness, that 's a revenge I couldn 't even think of, but it 's perfect for a bitch like her. Seriously, making her pregnant with fifteen babies. That 's three more babies then her body can handle. Later, you want me to manipulate her mind and make her desperately lust after her father, brother, grandfather and uncle. That 's sound like fun idea, Katie. I 'll do it, but I 'll add a little extra for this bitch." She winks. "By the time Sarah wake up in the morning, she 's going to be on all four fucking anything with a
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You shot the remaining load and paint.

Reality hits you and you felt a little guilty. "My god, what have we done?"

Katie softly kissed you and spoke in a reassuring soft tone. "Husband, don 't worry so much. I promise you, this bitch is the only one caring that many babies." She warmly hug you. "The night still young. Come on, bro. Let 's continue having fun."

As the hours goes by, you have impregnated every attractive woman on campus. Teachers, counselors and cheerleaders.

You breathlessly spoke to Katie. "Sis, I don 't think I can keep going. Let 's postpone this for a little bit. Need time to recoup before going again."

Katie smile and said. "Take your time, bro. By the time you get back. I 'll have Christina Campbell ready for you." She winks. "I know you had a crush on her since six grade."

You 're about to leave when Katie held your hand. "Before you go, big bro. Why don 't you use your abilities and hook everyone up with their family. It 's going to be hot to see them all fucking each other."

You lower your head and sigh. "Yeah, I did say ill use my power at

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