Persuasive Speech George Washington's Speech

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George Washington in his persuasive speech, “Revolt of Officers” (1783) explains why his men should stay with him to win the Revolutionary War. George Washington supports his statements with Congresses letter, his county, and the fact the he is their commander. George Washington 's purpose it to keep his army together in order to receive independence from Britain. Washington is addressing the officers under his command, encouraging them to help their country. George Washington was born 1732 and grew up on a farm in Virginia. He didn 't receive much schooling because of his father 's death. After his brothers death in 1752, Washington was appointed by Governor Dinwiddie as a major into the Virginia Militia. After this George Washington served as an ambassador and fought in the French and Indian war. In beginning of Washington 's career in the military he started as Major, but was then promoted to Colonel, and finally to General. Washington was much involved in military even before the American Revolution Throughout the Revolutionary War, General Washington had led the continental army through much to preserve American peace and freedom. At the end of the war however, some soldiers were angry at Congress because it had failed to pay them their salary due to them for their work, bounties, and life pensions. The soldiers decided to hold a meeting to decide whether they should desert the army or what they should do. However their plans were altered when George Washington
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