Persuasive Speech: Grizzly Bears

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Attention Getter] Did you know that according to the National Park Service, in the mid 1970s the Greater Yellowstone region only inhabited about 136 grizzly bears (United States)?
A. The Federal Government quickly protected them under the Endangered Species Act, and that is still in force today.
B. The population has grown to approximately 839 bears in 2014 (United States)
II. [Establish Controversy/Justify Topic] It is expected that by the end of 2015 the federal government will determine whether or not the grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone region will remain on the endangered species list. This area covers the corners of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.SITE SOURCE!!!
A. The National Park Service says that “In 2013 the Yellowstone Ecosystem
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Conservationists protest the delisting of the bears because of the decline of the whitebark pine nuts, which they say may affect their population.
1. Whitebark pine nuts are a high protein nut found in the middle of pine cones, which bears typically eat in autumn to prepare for hibernation through winter (United States).
C. I plan to argue that the grizzly bears are indeed ready to be delisted.

III. [Credibility Statement] I have researched this topic because I wanted to gain greater understanding, and be informed for when the issue arises again in the next few months.
IV. [Preview/Thesis Statement] Today I will argue that the grizzly bear is prepared to be delisted in the Greater Yellowstone region for three reasons.
A. First, grizzly bears have met their population objectives.
B. Secondly, the grizzly bears are reaching their population capacity.
C. Finally, the grizzly bears are not dependent on the whitebark pine nut, and it will not affect their population as my opponents suggest.
Transition: First, I will argue that the grizzly bears have met their population objectives
I. [First Constructive Argument] The National Park Service outlined population objectives to monitor population growth and criteria for delisting (United
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