Informative Essay: Can We Do To Stop Bullying

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I’m sure everyone have heard about bullying somewhat or other, it is a very popular issue and there is reasons behind that. This is attaching more and more importance from the parents and teachers. People are starting to realize how importa Some of you may have dealt with bullying yourself or may know people that have dealt with bullying or are dealing with bullying right now. It may be your friend your class mate even your family members. Did you know approximately 16,000 (2.7 million) student are victims of bullying, many time they fake injury or illness even miss school because of bullying. Bullying is not a new issue but why haven’t we found the perfect solution to completely stop this terrible behavior. 98% of you have teased some one…show more content…
They could have become prosecutors, judges, doctors, and lawyers. But because of bullying they’re no longer able to do that. So we must do something. Do something to help these people to get their life together so they can make our future great. What can we do to stop bullying? Firstly everyone should treat others with respect and keep in mind that everyone is different there are no better or worse it is juts different. Secondly if you see bullying happen around you don’t be afraid to stand up for others. If no one said anything the kid that re bullying will think is okay to treat people in that way. Lastly some bullies became a bully because of their insecurity, they may have family problems them self or have been bullied in the past. Some bullies became a bully because their environment, maybe the games televisions that they are exposed to. Some media present to kids being a bully or having negative power over someone is powerful and in control. People that are sad in side them self they don’t want to see anyone around them to be happy. So try and tell an adult about the bullying the bully might just need as much help them self as the
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