Persuasive Speech: How To Stressful School?

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Wake up. Drown in knowledge for the next seven hours. Eat. Homework. Sleep. Repeat.
Does this sound like you? Wait, that’s all of us! For twelve years, the seven hour day at school seems to become longer and longer every year. I know, graduation day is laying out at the beach while we suffer learning about Pythagorean theorem. As much as we despise this thing called “school,” they’re steps to excel academically, mentally, and emotionally. Honestly, I’m sure we’ve all cried at least once over how stressful school can be. First of all, we all hear the lectures “get enough sleep to be productive the next day,” by our teachers. They aren’t lying to you. For instance, my close friend has the idea that if he stays up studying until 3:00 AM the night before, he will have a stronger chance to score higher on the test than studying during decent hours. Come to find out, he could hardly keep his eyes open during the two hour exam even if he chugged a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Sleep is vital because it rejuvenates our organs, especially our brain. Guess what my dear friend did after his exam? He slept for four hours straight. Although we are all guilty of procrastination, it causes stress for forcing our brain to work faster and will not produce the best work that we could perform. Back to my friend, his reasoning for studying the night of was because he needed to accomplish certain tasks including doing laundry, cooking for his friends, working out, getting a

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