Persuasive Speech: Hydro Electricity: A Better Alternative

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Planner for Persuasive Speech #2 Hydro-electricity: A Better Alternative Audience Analysis: Overall- My auience is familiar with americans dependancy on fossil fuels, but do not have a thourough understanding of atlernative sources. Everyone knows there are alternatives they just don 't know what those alternatives are. ⦁ How much information does your audience already have about your topic? ⦁ They know what the main form of energy consumptsion is and what kind of power their home runs on. The basics of hydro electricity and that its better for the enviorment. ⦁ What might they want to know or need to know about your topic? ⦁ How hydro electricity can reduce costs and increase enviormental health. What they can do to help. ⦁ What do you and your audience have in common? ⦁ We all know hydro electricity is enviormentaly frendlier than deisel electricity. ⦁ How are you and your audience different? ⦁ My home town runs of mainly on hydro electricity, everyone else runs mainly on something else. ⦁ What ideas or examples in your speech might your audience identify with? ⦁ The impact it has on cheaper electricity,and how its enviormentaly safer. ⦁ How can your topic or the information benefit your audience? ⦁ It may oneday influence others to seek a higher energy output from the current damb, and allow cheaper, and safer power for your home. Ethos: I will show present myself with nice cloths and a stable stance. My voice with be loud and easy to hear. I will try my best to

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