Persuasive Speech In America

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Have you ever been in a restaurant and your parents tell you to be quiet because they didn’t want other people to hear you? This is part of the limited amount of free speech in America. I believe we are starting to not be able to speak what’s on our mind without people getting their feelings hurt. In my eyes people should get tougher. Why is America becoming this way? Riot squads are a big part of high school sports. They yell at the other team during the game when they play their school. People have been getting offended by what they have been saying and are trying to get rid of some riot squads. I mean come on all they are doing is just supporting their school. They shouldn’t be banned. They make the game more intense and make the teams play harder.…show more content…
Wow! That wasn’t even a bad word and it cut it out. Why do they do this to the TV’s. Censorship is the answer. Television stations are afraid that they will hurt someone’s feelings instead of pleasing their customers. Can you speak your mind when you want? When you are in a restaurant you ought to be able to say “bad” words somewhere without being kicked out. We should also be able to tell people that they aren’t perfect when they think they are. So what if you burst their little perfect bubble. They should just be able to take
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