Persuasive Speech In 'The Times That Try Men's Logic'

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The Times That Try Men’s Logic “These are the times that try men’s souls.” (Paine, 108) And they definitely were, the time approaching the war was the quiet before a very large storm, however some were anything but quiet. At the time, essays and persuasive speeches were used to sway the opinions of the general public. These speeches usually came from political rebels who would later be called revolutionaries, one of the more persuasive ones was Thomas Paine. Thomas Paine used logic and reason to persuade the colonists to join in the war efforts at the time, this makes him the most persuasive revolutionary author. Paine comforts the congregation with fact, instead of presenting them with heartfelt anecdotes full of pathos, he provides the steps that have to be taken shall they choose to take his side. “... Howe, it is probable, will make an attempt on this city; should he fail on this side the Delaware, he is ruined: if he succeeds, our cause is not ruined.” (Paine, 109) Clear, concise battle plans provide reassurance that, hey this is possible, the colonies have a shot at winning. This is an excellent persuasive technique because it solidifies the belief in success in those who are already sided with Paine, and it implants the idea of success in those who were not yet sided with him. Another way Paine uses logos is more reflective. “While our army was…show more content…
Paine used logos in the most effective way to urge more people of the congregation to join the revolution. By laying out battle plans, consequences and rewards he relaxed a worried people's fears for battle; and by reflecting on past successes of a miniscule army, he insights hope in the apparent underdog. “After reading Paine’s work they had a better understanding of the desire that had gripped so many of their fellow colonists. The thoughts of loyalists changed due to Paine’s writings.” (DeStefano,
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